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Sierra Leone’s President recognizes the Chinese Ebola training program with great significance

Two groups of public health training experts, 12 members and 14 members each, were dispatched by the Chinese government on 9th November and 19th December separately to the Republic of Sierra Leone to carry out the Ebola outbreak containment training mission and to fulfill the solemn pledge of the Chinese government for supporting the combat of Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

According to the training plan agreed by the Chinese government and Sierra Leone government, China will send 60 experts to Sierra Leone to help train 4000 local community public health workers within 4 months. As of 19th December 2014, totally 2374 people from local communities and police departments in 49 districts of Freetown were well trained by the Chinese experts under the effective bilateral coordination and cooperation. The training program progresses well and it takes only 40 days, i.e. one-third planned program duration to achieve 59%  training target.

All training courses are specifically tailored and adapted to the local  needs to prevent and control Ebola in Sierra Leone. Most of the trainees are community leaders and health workers. Policemen were enrolled in the training at later phase. Military servicemen and teachers are planned to be enrolled in the future. It is expected that all the trainees will become peer-educators bringing the knowledge and skills received in the training to their communities. With such health education and social mobilization activities conducted in communities, the Ebola outbreak is anticipated to be quickly under control in the future. 

Among all training programs currently in Sierra Leone, the Chinese program has the largest scale and the greatest investment, and it also covers the widest territory and reaches the biggest population. This training program was introduced in National Emergency Response Center (NERC) meeting, raising great attention and interest of many international organizations.  

       On 26th November, Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma met the Chinese senior representative for Ebola fight and stated that the public health training is very significant not only for current anti-Ebola campaign, but also for the future public health infrastructure improvement and public health service capacity enhancement post the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.

Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention(China CDC)

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