National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention

 National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention (NCAIDS) can trace its root to July 1998, when its establishment under the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine was approved by the State Council. Affiliated with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention in organizational structure, NCAIDS remains as an independent entity to fulfill main responsibilities as follows: 
  —— Operating national surveillance system and carrying out special surveys to understand the HIV/HCV epidemic in China and to guide prevention programs;
  —— Conducting evaluation activities to assess outcome and impact of national prevention and treatment programs; 
  —— Setting referential standards for laboratory testing and conducting quality control projects; 
  —— Developing national prevention and treatment guidelines and providing technical assistance on capacity building; 
  —— Carrying out HIV/HCV related operational research and exchanging information with domestic and international counterparts; 
  —— Assisting the Health and Family Planning Commission in shaping HIV/HCV related laws and regulations by providing ethical and evidence-based strategic information;
  —— Organizing comprehensive intervention program to prevent STI spread;
  —— Undertaking routine work for the office of State Council AIDS Working Committee Office (SCAWCO).