Chinese Journal of Food Hygiene
Problems in toxicopathology for safety evaluation and approach to solution
Survey of food hygiene status of small restaurants providing temporary lodging and meal for school children in Zhongyuan District , Zhengzhou City , Henan Province
Survey of pollution status by 3 pathogens in some foods in Puyang
Discussion about constitution of responsibility for administrative penalty from lawsuit caused by food poisoning
Current situation of food safety in mess rooms of village schools and approach to its improvement
Report of 4 incidents of collective food poisoning
To discuss countermeasure on supervision of food hygiene at family feast in countryside
Mode of school dining hall administration
Prevalence of collective food2borne diseases in schools of Hubei Province in 2002
On reasonableness of administrative penalty discretion
Microbe inspection of export frozen shrimps during processing at a factory
Simultaneous determination of cadmium and tin in food by hydride generation2atomic fluorescence spectrometry
Analysis on 286 outbreaks of food2borne illness related to salmonella in Shandong Province
Study on lead2excretion effect of carambola juice in lead2exposed mice
TI:Development of hybridoma cell lines excreting monoclonal antibodies against zearalenone
Isolation of Enterobacter sakazakii from infant fomular powder samples collected from Fuyang , Anhui Province , China
Assessment of allergenicity of genetically modified rice S86 by BN rat model
Determination of traceβ- Chlorolactic acid in human urine using capillary gas chromatography with ECD detector and its confirmation by GC- MS
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