Mode of school dining hall administration

TI:Mode of school dining hall administration
AU:HUI Zhixiang
AD:(Jiangsu Provincial Economy and Trade College for Technicians , Jiangsu Lianyungang 222004 , China)
Abstract : To strengthen the administration of school dining hall and ensure food safety , an analysis was made on the mode of administration of school dining hall and existing problems. A new mode of administration was proposed to offer services through market , school option and government control , that is , to promote dining hall operation socialization , to offer good service , to strengthen routinized administration , to supervise food hygiene , to make the food price acceptable and to make the food nutritious. By doing so , the burden of school will be lessened , qualified service offered and food safety ensured. Itps significant for the reform of school rear service department .
Key word : Food ; Restaurants ; Dietary Services ; Students ; Safety Management

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