Chinese Journal of Vector Biology and Control Chinese Journal of Vector Biology and Control
Studies on Vero Cell2derived Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome Vaccine
The Analysis of Relationship Between Malaria Morbidity and Distribution of Their Vectors from 1994 to 2003 in Hubei Province
Studies on Species Infection and Breeding Law of the Intermediate Host Lymnaeidae of Trichobilha rzia in the Huaihe River System
The Relationship Between Weather Factor and Prevalence of Leptospirosis in Flooding Areas
:Study of Species Composition on the Ectoparasites of the Rodent in Frontiers of Korea , Russia and Northeast China
Sucking Lice Fauna Investigation from Nine Counties in Yunnan Province
Studies on the Regional Areas of Mosquitoes in Yunnan
Monitoring and Analyzing on Malaria Vector at Eighteen Field Sites of Yunnan in 2002
Observation on the Biting Cycles and Influence Factors of the Armigeres subbalbeatus
The Design and Eff icacy Observation of New Mosq2ovitrap for Monitoring of Vector of Dengue Fever
Analysis on the Population Dynamics of Meriones meridianus
The Resistance of Rattus f lavipectus and R. norvegicus to Anticoagu lant Rodenticide in Zhanjiang Proper
Study on the Effect of Sulfury Fluoride and Methyl Bromide Combination Fumigating Containers
Application of the Round Distribution Method to Probe the Seasonal Change of Flies
Study on the Third Stage Larva of Neomyia indica (Diptera : Muscidae)
The Study on Faunuistic Distribution of Phaonia Insects in China ( Diptera :Muscidae)
Study on the Effect of Housefly Larvae on Pig Manure Treatment
Molecular Evidence of Ba rtonella Species From Fleas in Yunnan
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