Journal of Hygiene Research
Effect of apoptosis in human breast cancer cells and its probable mechanisms by genistein
Regulatory effects of micronutrient complex on the expression of Th1 and Th2 cytokines in diabetic C57BL mice
Effect of alcohol on brain mitochondria development of mouse embryos
Roles of mitochondria in vitamin E succinate2induced apoptosis in human gastric cancer SGC27901 cells
Effects of volatile organic compounds inhalationon the inflammation biomarkers in nasal lavage fluids of decoration workers
TI:A correlative study on heterotrophic bacteria and the main pollutant in city lakes'water
Experiment study on the estrogen2like effect of compounds of Mercury 、Chromium and Manganese
Oxidative stress induced by NaAsO2 in HaCaT cells
:Effects of electromagnetic radiation in metropolis environment on teenagers’electrocardiogram and blood cells
The immediate early genes expression in the PC12 cells activated by anat
Effects of perfluorooctane sulfonate on spermiogenesis function of male rats
The problem of public health service delivery insuff iciency of disease prevention and control system of China
Study on relationship between fatigue and work ability in chemistry workers
Study on relationship between coping resources and strain in mental workers
The immunological effects in guinea pig sensitized by trichloroethylene
Effect of Sulphamethazine on the Gene Expression of FRTL - 5 cells
Detection of DNA damages of peripheral white blood cells in benzene2exposed workers
Automatic analysis of micronuclei by flow cytometry using anti2CD712FITC and PI staining
The effect of high dose fluoride on the rat offspring osteoblasts which ingested by female rats
Relationship between spermatogenic cell apoptosis and serum estradiol level in rats exposed to fluoride
Effect of fluoride on activities of enzyme and ultrastructure in primary cultured rat hepatocytes
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