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  Ongoing projects
  Scientific and Technical Achievements
      Ongoing projects
Data-Center for China Public Health Science
Studies on Detection of Important Persistent Trace and Ultra-trace Organic Pollutants
Studies on Detection on Food Additives, Feedstuff Additives, and Illegal Chemicals
Screening of common toxicants in Biotoxin and Poisoning Control
Studies on AIDS Transmission Mode on the Bridge People and Blockage Strategy
Key Biological Factors on AIDS Transmission in China
Research on the Standard of Occupational Diseases Control and Prevention
Research on Screening and Testing on Emerging Bacterial Diseases
Research and Application of Prevention and Treatment on Emerging Infectious Disease: Rapid Screening Test on Unknown Bacteria
Functional Genome Research on Trichophyton rubrum
Evaluation of the Epidemic Characteristic and Prevention of SARS in China
Chinese center for disease control andprevention
  Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC)
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