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Management of Health Hotline


12320 Health Hotline was established by National Health and Family Planning Commission (the former Ministry of Health) in the end of 2005.The main responsibilities of 12320 Health Hotline are to promote the health-related laws, regulations and policies to the public; popularize the health knowledge and skills; accept the public inquires, complaints and reports; guide scientific medication; carry out smoking cessation counseling and intervention; monitor, analyze and make feedback of public opinions during public health emergencies. There are 28 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) using 12320 Health Hotline, covering about 960 million people. It is gradually developing into a comprehensive service platform which combines telephone with voice, website, SMS, micro-blogging, mobile platforms and the self-service terminal. In 2013, the incoming calls of 12320 amounted to 2.27 million totally, which is 75.1% growth over 2012, the growth rate are more than 75% in two consecutive years.  

To strengthen the organization and leadership, National Health and Family Plan iing Commission decided to colocate the leading office and the national management center of 12320Hotline in China CDC. Now, this institution is responsible for the construction, supervision, organization and coordination of national 12320 Health Hotline se vice system. The main work includes system planning, IT application construction, new media services, advocacy and training, emergency responses and monitoring of public opinions and internationalcooperation. 

Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention(China CDC)

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