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Tobacco Control


Tobacco Control Office (TCO) consists of four divisions: administration, policy, monitoring  and  intervention.  Its functions include: 1) assist the National Health and Family Planning Commission to advance implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and to promote tobacco control in China; 2) assist related departments to develop and implement national plan for tobacco control, develop tobacco control  standards  and guidelines,  establish  surveillance and evaluation system of tobacco prevalence, exposure to second-hand smoke and effectiveness of FCTC policies; 3) provide scientific evidence and policy consultation for enacting tobacco control laws, regulations, standards and plans etc; 4) assist the National Health and Family Planning Commission to establish national tobacco control network and to build the capacity of tobacco control professionals; 5) implement, manage and evaluate national/international tobacco control initiatives as well as  elated exchange activities. 

Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention(China CDC)

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